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Mistakes that can Ruin your Personal Injury Accident Claim

The first few minutes after an accident are crucial. The shock of what just happened and our mind and body going into survivor mode can lead a person into making unwise decisions. In this state of mind people feel "OK" not realizing that when the adrenaline stops pumping and the shock wears off that they have injuries that could have life long consequences. We want to just shake it off because most of us hate to admit that we are hurt, but our bodies won't let us.

You should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible after an accident. Many serious injuries, especially to the back and neck might not be apparent for many hours, and sometimes days, after a accident. You need to take your injuries and pain complaints seriously and look into treatment right away. If you are experiencing dizziness, nausea, confusion, memory loss, or vision problems, you might have a brain injury.

Many wait until they can't take the pain any longer before finally getting medical care. Insurance companies, their claims adjusters, and defense lawyers will do their best (or worst) to make you out to be a liar and a fraud to a jury. They will argue that if you were really hurt you would have gotten medical attention right away. Unfortunately, many jurors are strongly biased against injury victims and will use this argument as a reason to minimize any damages award.Seek help from a professional, experienced in treating accident trauma, as soon as possible.

When something traumatic happens most people tell their friends and family immediately. They want them to know what happened to them and that they are OK, so they don't worry. This is especially true in a more minor impact where there isn't a lot of damage to the vehicles. They aren't dying or covered in blood so they honestly feel that they are or will be "OK"And it is easier than ever to text message, tweet, or write a statement on your wall on Facebook telling everyone what happened.

It is also easier than ever for Insurance companies to obtain any and all of your cyber communication. You just wanted you mother to know what happened and not to worry, but now the information you post can have unintended consequences.

Contact us today and speak with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to get the best legal advice .

Robert M. Roselli is Selected to Florida Trend Magazine’s 2010 Legal Elite

Personal Injury Attorney, Robert M. Roselli, of Fort Lauderdale, has been named one of Florida's Legal Elite in the July 2010 issue of Florida Trend Magazine. The Legal Elite selection process is rigorous and based on names provided by Florida lawyers and tallied by a Blue Ribbon Panel of prominent lawyers who garnered the most votes. This is the third occasion that Robert Roselli has been selected as a member of this prestigious group of top attorneys in Florida.

U.S. Supreme Court Prevents States from Barring Class Actions in Federal Courts

There have been some recent changes in the way that class action lawsuits are pursued.

In Shady Grove Orthopedic Associates, P.A., v. Allstate Insurance Company, the United States Supreme Court considered whether state law can prevent cases from proceeding as class actions in federal court. Plaintiff filed a class action in the Eastern District of New York to recover unpaid statutory interest that it alleged Allstate failed to pay in accordance with New York statutory law. The district court dismissed the case on the ground that New York law precludes the use of class actions to recover penalties such as statutory interest. The district court's holding was affirmed by the Second Circuit.

The Supreme Court determined that Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 "creates a categorical rule entitling a plaintiff whose suit meets . . . specified criteria to pursue his claim as a class action." It reversed the lower courts' decisions, holding Rule 23, not state law, answers the question of whether a plaintiff's action can proceed on a class basis in federal court. Writing for the Court, Justice Scalia explained, "The short of the matter is that a Federal Rule governing procedure is valid whether or not it alters the outcome of the case in a way that induces forum shopping. To hold otherwise would be to disembowel either the Constitution's grant of power over federal procedure or Congress's exercise of it."

If you or a loved one belive that you are entitled to file a class action lawsuit, contact Robert Roselli, an experienced Florida attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

South Florida Attorneys Help File Gulf Oil Spill Claims Against BP

On April 20, 2010 an explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon, an oil-drilling rig working on a well one mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, has led to one of the largest oil spills in the history of the United States. After multiple attempts to plug the leak, government and BP company officials say oil will likely continue flowing until a relief well is in place to cut off the oil leak. This is expected to take place sometime in August.

The government estimated that between 12,000 and 25,000 barrels a day of oil were escaping, but later adjusted the estimate to a rate of 25,000 to 30,000 barrels a day. A containment cap put in place in early June began collecting 15,000 barrels of oil a day, even though much of the oil continued to flow through valves on the cap that had not been closed.

Up to the end of May, the oil making landfall from the disaster was in Louisiana. But in June, tar balls and oil mousse began to reach the shores of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Of all the states affected so far, Florida has the most to lose. Tourism is the largest industry, generating 60 billion U.S. dollars in spending of more than 80 million visitors a year, in 21 percent of all state sales taxes and using nearly 1 million people.

The Gulf Oil Spill can affect the state of Florida in many different ways. Damages to property, loss of business, and an obvious drop in tourism are just a few things that Floridians are dealing with. Seafood restaurants are already being directly affected due to a decrease in fresh Gulf seafood.

As of today, the East Coast of Florida has not felt the real impact of the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis, but when the oil spill reaches our shores it will affect our wildlife, our local businesses, our residents, and our way of life.

Roselli & Associates Personal Injury Attorneys is prepared to help anyone who has suffered damages from the Gulf Oil Spill. We have experience with Class Action Lawsuits and can help you with any claims. If you are a business owner that has suffered loss of income due to the Oil Spill Crisis, Roselli & Associates can help you file a claim. If you are a clean–up worker who has suffered any injuries working with the oil spill, you might be entitled to compensation by BP as a result of Gulf Oil Spill.

Roselli & Associates is committed to helping our community through this crisis. Please contact one of our personal injury lawyers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to help you with your personal injury claims.

Florida Traffic Deaths Declining, Credit Given to the Florida Seat Belt Law

Florida traffic deaths are steadily declining and the credit is being given to the "primary" seat belt law. Before the seat belt law, officers were only allowed to pull over drivers younger than 18 for the violation of not wearing a seat belt.

This law allows officers to pull over any Florida driver for the sole reason of not wearing their seat belt. Previous laws only allowed a seat belt ticket to be issued to a Florida driver, over the age of 18, if they have already been pulled over for another traffic violation while not wearing a seatbelt.

Just look at the statistics: In 2007, there were 3221 traffic deaths in Florida. Since the law was passed, Florida traffic deaths dropped to 2563 in 2009. Other reasons traffic fatalities in Florida have decreased:

- Florida officials have enforced harsher punishments for traffic violations.
- Florida has provided better lighting on Florida's main roads and highways.
- Floridians are becoming more aware of the abudunce of traffic fatalities.

Although the seat belt law has helped Florida's traffic death count, it hasn't remedied it. Many car accidents and injuries still occur every minute of everyday. Most people don't even know what to do when they have been in an automobile accident. Primarily, it is important to know your legal rights. Contacting a South Florida Car Accident Attorney can help you understand your legal rights when you've been involved in a car accident.

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a car accident, contact a South Florida Personal Injury Attorney at Roselli & Associates, P.A. Our personal injury law firm is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Contact us today to get legal assistance from an experienced Car Accident Lawyer in South Florida.

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